Inventory Management

Versatile software designed to handle the material management. Customized software for maintaining the Inventory levels and keep a track of the usage of inventory and batch FIFO; a system in itself that will keep it well organized. Through the software one can capture the details of the material issued as well as purchase of material reflecting the update of the available stocks. The material can be issued only on availability of the stock. This software can be used for engineering material stores, Stationary stores or any relevant stores where materials are issued.


  • Seamlessly integrates Request Management with Purchase order & entry and issues
  • Detailed capture for materials and suppliers
  • Enable submission and tracking of purchase requests
  • Ability to perform on-line updates of stock levels in line with the execution of each transaction
  • Provision to create Purchase Orders against: requisition, re-order level and in general
  • Facilitate automated routing, task management and tracking of purchase orders
  • Record the receipt of goods including partial shipments
  • Issues against requisitions only
  • Batch FIFO and LIFO enabled
  • Stock balance and reorder management
  • Import existing inventory and group inventory items
  • Analyze the usage of items