Cafeteria Management

Cafeteria Billing Tool is a centralized solution for Generating bills at counters. The Customer comes to the counters and request for the Food items. The Counter executive selects the Food items and quantities and saves the bill. The application generates the Tocken/Invioce for the specific food counter. The application has a provision where Exployees Access Card can be read by the application to authenticate it its Employee or Vendor. Discount rates can be configured for various groups of customer. The application generates the relevant reports regarding the billing of Foods for a given period


  • Establishes work flow automation
  • Role based access
  • Food master grouped in two levels
  • Counter master, for having multiple food counters
  • Instant Bill/ token generation with food and counter details
  • Integrated with Access Card
  • Discount Rates for Employees or other group of people
  • Multiple Time slot- Breakfast, Tea break, Lunch, snacks, Dinner etc
  • Statistical reporting and analysis of food billing