Billtrack Management

 An effective tool devised for tracking and processing Bills and trigger pre-defined escalation. This software tracks the invoice submitted by the vendor through the different stages of transaction; through various approval stages to the release of payment that are captured in the software. This software helps in instant query of the status of payments


  • Tracks payment status from the submission of Invoices / Bills /Reimbursement Vouchers Step to step progression of         Bill processing
  • Tracking status of payment by way of Bill Serial number, SAP number, and Invoice number
  • Automated mails for rejected / non-compliant Invoices to the vendor
  • Integration with company practices for SAP number
  • Importing of AWB numbers
  • Pending release of payment intimation to concerned department or personnel
  • Stage wise approval tracking
  • Monthly provisioning, Released payments and Payments due with ageing report and exception report
  • Intimation to Vendor for non-submission of Invoice for provisioned expense
  • Compliance tracker for support documents established as pre-requisite for the release of payment