Township Management

Township Management helps in effective management of a residential quarter lifecycle including processing of applications (requisition) for allocation and maintenance of residential quarters. This application provides separate Queue system for various bands of employees for various category of quarters. The application also help the management to maintain database of the family staying, vehicle details, health database of members in the township to provide effective service at the township


  • Member Details: This gives the personal details of the member such as member id, category, flat no, name of the owner, address, tenant name etc
  • Revenue: This gives the details of month wise revenue It includes maintenance charges, gas service charges, shops  rent, electrical charges, permission fee, processing fee, plumbing charges, deposits, mode of payments, Date of sending to bank and miscellaneous.
  • Expenditure: This gives the expenditure details such as H.T.Bills, L.T.Bills, water Bills, Facility management  charges, cost of consumables, stationery, stamps, bulbs etc.
  • Flexible definition of employee’s eligibility and seniority
  • Works Maintains Details: All works maintains details like Garden, Lift, Plumber, Electrician, Generator etc  information can be uploaded
  • Flexible multi-level and multiple approvals
  • Flat Related Information: This gives the details of the flat such as flat no, room Detail, date of taking over and maintenance charges