Thursday October 17 , 2019
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Our Mission

Nestien Shipment Management offers Automated Mail Desk Management solutions to large and medium enterprises which will enable the administration department to track and analysis the mail desk and courier activity at all offices & warehouses of the customer. Clients will know that working with Nestien Shipment Management is a more professional, less risky way with its various stakeholders, than working with existing outsourced/untrained staff and desktop based technology. Nestien Shipment Management must also maintain financial balance, charge a reasonable value for its solution, and deliver a higher value to its clients with a complete reliability.

Nestien Shipment Management is also an excellent place to work, a professional environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals. Nestien Shipment Management ultimately provides excellent value to its customers and high rewards to its owners and employees.

Internally we intend to create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful and enjoyable office environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the service we provide. In addition follow-up will be mandatory so as to ensure customer satisfaction and make any improvements as recommended by the customers in future. We seek fair and responsible profit, to keep the company financially healthy for the short and long term, and to compensate investors for the money and risk.